Brazil Beats Austria 3 x 0, Twitter Explodes

If Brazilians were looking for something to celebrate, the Brazilian soccer squad gave it to them yesterday with their 3 – 0 drubbing of Austria.

And the twittersphere ignited with exuberant Brazilians.

One poor soul tried to put things in perspective for his countrymen:


Education: Brazil 63rd place, Austira 18th place

Basic sanitation: Brazil 50.03% of the population, Austria 100% of the population

Gross domestic product per capita: Brazil $10,309.00, Austria $51,183.00

Human development index: Brazil 0.754 79th elevated, Austria 0.893 24th very elevated

As a general rule, however, his fellow Brazilians were having none of it.


Brazil = 5 cups Austria = 0 cups

If there is a world cup for all of this then Austria has an advantage, but as the world cup is about soccer… Brazil is king!


Brazil: Tom Jobim, Fernanda Montenegro, Pelé, Neymar, Morena Baccarin, Sepultura, Agra, João Gilberto, Zico, Romário, Tim Maia

Austria: Hitler



Nobody wants basic sanitation. What we want is Neymar lifting up the golden mug!

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