Warning: These Seven World Cup Ads Will Give You Soccer Fever!

When it’s World Cup time in Brazil, everybody gets in on the act – including the advertising departments of national and multi-national companies.

What follows are some of the best, funniest, or weirdest World Cup-themed ads to come out so far.

First on the list comes from Brazil’s largest TV network, Globo. The tune is the theme they usually play during the World Cup, but this time it has a Russian flavor. Because the world cup is in Russia…and stuff.

Even decided non-Brazilian companies get involved, like McDonalds. Because, you know, nothing will enhance your soccer-playing skills like a Big Mac and fries.

The following, from Sky TV and featuring Brazilian supermodel Gisele…on a wrecking ball, is perhaps the weirdest we have seen to date. We offer no explanation because, frankly, we don’t quite understand it ourselves.

This next one wins our staff “cuteness” award. A little boy goes around the house asking what the Portuguese word “fulgido” means. Nobody can give him a proper definition, until he talks to his grandfather, who, with the help of his sister’s tablet, tells him it means “something that has light…that shines”. The next scene shows him in front of the TV, at the beginning of a World Cup game, belting out the Brazilian national anthem, and choking up with emotion when he gets to the word “fulgidos”.

This one is interesting for it’s historical value, showing the changes in Brazilian dress and musical tastes at each of the previous occasions when Brazil won the World Cup.

This next one begins as a collection of images featuring Brazilian soccer in some form or other. Towards the end a little boy starts giving a motivational speech to his teammates. Then, suddenly, he is talking to the Brazilian national team. “This shirt has a history!” he yells, as the ad ends.

Oh, did you see that quick scene with Ronaldo in an airport at about the :35 mark? That is a throwback to what is arguably one of the best World Cup commercials of all time:

Not only did this ad feature some great shots and a musical score by Brazilian composer extraordiaire Sergio Mendes, it also was somewhat of a metaphor for the performance of the 1998 squad.

These are the best advertisements we have seen so far. If we see more worth sharing, we will be sure to post them here at the Best of Brazil Blog.

Disclaimer: inclusion of an ad in this list does not necessarily indicate an endorsement of the product it represents.


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