Brazil 1, Switzerland 1

Well, that was…disappointing. After Brazil’s rout of Austria in a friendly, Brazilians were expecting something a little more substantial than a mere tie against Switzerland. Alas, it was not to be.

Brazilians, as is their wont, were quick to point out the motive:

She was far from alone in that sentiment.

Translation of the gif: “Hold me back, girlfriend!”

Translation of the tweet: “I just have 5 words for this ref and Switzerland:


Not everybody, however, was of the same opinion.

Translation: I’m Brazilian, but I think Neymar deserved it! He thinks he’s so great, dear Lord, I don’t have time for that.

The game also provoked some longing for past glory.

Translation of the meme: Good times, there was a drug dealer, a “pagodeiro (someone who likes a style of music associated with Brazil’s slums)”, a guy who patronized male prostitutes, and an evangelical…but they got things done.

Here are some highlights of the game, in case you missed it:


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