Video: Bolsonaro Arrives at an Airport. Pandemonium Ensues

The city of São Luís is capital of the northeastern state of Maranhão. Maranhão is the kind of state that can be depended upon each year to deliver its votes to the leftist candidate. The current governor is a member of the Communist Party of Brazil.

Which makes this video all the more startling. Right-wing candidate Jaír Bolsonaro (who we have talked about before) arrived in São Luís for a rally a few days ago. He was met by a multitude crowded into the tiny airport and…well…check it out.

The crowd is chanting “Lula (ex president, currently in jail) is a thief. Bolsonaro is the captain!”

Here at the Best of Brazil Blog we do not endorse any specific candidate. All we are saying is that if this kind of thing keeps up, October could be a very interesting month here in Brazil.




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