Brazilian Attitudes About World Cup 2018, Summarized in Three Cartoons

Like their meme-generating countrymen, Brazil’s political cartoonists have not been silent with regard to the 2018 World Cup, especially as it relates to Brazil and Brazilians. Here are three political cartoons pretty much sum up current attitudes here in Brazil.


Brazil’s inability to resist World Cup Fever is portrayed in this cartoon. In the first panel, a man, presumably a Brazilian but wearing the colors of Argentina, shouts “I want this national team to go to h…!” In the next panel, he is decked out in green and yellow, sitting in front of the TV, yelling “Go Brazil!” The best part of the cartoon is the expression on the face of his wife in the background.


Despite this Brazilian addiction to soccer and the World Cup, many have noted that enthusiasm for the games has been…well…lackluster. In this cartoon, people are gathered around the table for  seance. The medium intones “World Cup Spirit, if you are among us, give us a sign!”


One reason for the aforementioned lackluster response may be the ongoing corruption scandal in the nation. This last cartoon depicts the opinion of many we have talked to who do not wish to let the hype of the World Cup distract from more important issues. It shows the media crowd obsessing over Brazilian soccer star Neymar: “Neymar kicked the ball!” “Neymar blinked!” “Neymar put his tongue out!” “Neymar kicked and smiled!” Meanwhile, a politician sneaks away, unnoticed, with a bag full of “public money”.


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