World Cup Nail-biter: Brazil 2, Costa Rica 0

The results of yesterdays game were much better than the last game…but it took a while to get there.

As usual, Brazilians took to Twitter to celebrate…and make joke.

Translation: It took a while…but we won. Way to go, Brazil!

This next Twitter user expressed the opinion of many about whether or not Neymar should have received a penalty:

Translation: I know that it’s been almost a day since the game between Brazil and Costa Rica, but I have come here to say that I thought it should have been a penalty kick for Neymar. The playacting he did was over the top, this is true, but, in my opinion, that doesn’t take away the fact that the guy forced his arm into his chest. Judge me!

Next up…another popular opinion:

Translation: Being eliminated by Costa Rica would have been a huge disappointment. The simple change of attitude on the part of Neymar, and Brazil turned into another team, without neglecting to mention the dedication of Coutinho and Douglas Costa!

Did you miss the game? Here are some highlights.


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