Neymar Falls A Lot. Brazilians Meme A Lot. It’s the Perfect Storm (Updated With More Memes and a Video!)

Many of our US-based friends have complained about the frequent…er…shall we say…theatrics engaged in by Brazilian striker Neymar. They should be aware that Brazilians are no more impressed about it than they are…and the memes are spectacular.


Translation: Neymar’s greatest moments of the World Cup


First line: Fernando Alonso (Formula 1 racer) after crashing at 300 km an hour.

Second line: Neymar, after the ball hit him in the wrong place.


The above gif is pretty self explanatory, I think…

And perhaps Neymar gets his susceptibility to gravity from his coach, as this video suggests:



There are office pools for everything…including how many times Neymar will fall during a game, apparently.


Current events meets World Cup humor…


Translation: I decided to paint the pump with Neymar’s colors, to see if maybe the gas prices would begin to fall.

And of course it was only a matter of time before someone set a falling Neymar to music.



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