Germany is Eliminated, Brazil Erupts in Celebration

Brazil’s humiliating 7 – 1 loss to Germany was four years ago, so certainly the wound has healed, right? Right?

Well…not exactly. Today Germany was eliminated from the World Cup by South Korea in a stunning upset, and Brazilians were almost as happy as if their own team had won.

Many remembered the lyrics of a popular Brazilian song:

Translation: The one who made me cray has gone away crying.

Translation: About Germany’s chances of winning the Cup in Russia 2018… (Video features actor saying “goodbye” in a number of different ways)

Transation: I can’t even imagine the happiness of Galvão (Popular Brazilian game announcer Galvão Bueno is pictured crying after Brazil’s loss to Germany in 2014)

A little bit of World Cup history…

Translation: The last time the Germans were eliminated the the opening round was in 1938, in France, when the tournament was disputed only in sudden death and the team fell right away in its first game against Switzerland, in penalties.

And then, of course, there are the memes.


Translation: Germany wasn’t even able to make one goal in order to classify for the next round. Well done. Who told them to spend all your goals against Brazil?

Meanwhile, some could not resist a dig at their fellow Brazilians who cheer for the Palmeiras team.


Translation: Powerful Germany plays in green (the color of the Palmeiras team) and guess what, they lost the World Championship!

In case you missed the game, here are some highlights:



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