Brazilian Election Watch: Jair Bolsonaro Gets Some Free Publicity from…Alex Jones?

The following video is circulating on Brazilian social media…

Of course, Alex Jones is…well…Alex Jones. This excerpt, where he mentions Jair Bolsonaro (not by name…but he could be referring to no other) comes in the context of Jones accusing the Democrats of planning a civil war for July 4th. So the reader will pardon our skepticism as to whether Trump is actually calling Bolsonaro on any regular basis.

But Brazilians are unaware of the tin-foil-hat-ish-ness of Jones, and many here are latching on to the comparison with Trump. And for those who are desperate for someone to seriously combat corruption, put a stop to the economic crisis and end the crime epidemic – and that’s a lot of people – this is a positive comparison.


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