After Brazil vs. Mexico, a “Mysterious Fan” Takes Over Brazilian Internet

During yesterday’s live blog of the Brazil x Mexico game, we shared the following tweet:

Well…it appears that a lot of other people noticed as well. Pictures and memes featuring this particular fan have exploded online and…well…take a look.

Some were curious as to the true identity of this new celebrity.

Translation: Oh mysterious fan, who are you really?

Others noted similarities with other famous personages…

Translation: Lex Luthor got out of prison and is the mysterious fan. The only ones who don’t see it are the ones who don’t want to.

This next one is giving us nightmares already…

Others attributed Brazil’s good fortunes in the match to the presence of this one particular fan…

Translation of meme: Thank you for sucking out the souls of the Mexican players, oh Mysterious Fan.

Still others see him as a warning to Brazil’s next foe.

Translation: The mysterious fan is coming.

And of course someone has emerged on Twitter claiming to be the real Mysterious Fan, although we cannot independently confirm or deny this claim.

Translation: People, I’m not a psychopath or a serial killer, I just look that way, LOL.

By far our favorite tweet, however, is from the ambitious person who made an anime version:

And a close second is this one, found on Instagram:

Translation: Hello, Belgium.



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