Identity of the Mysterious Fan, Revealed!

The other day we reported on a fan, seen in the stands in Brazil’s match against Mexico, who captured the imaginations of Brazilians. Since then, the parodies, and the speculation as to his true identity, have only increased.

For example, there’s this…

Translation: Come on, sixth (championship)!

Or this…

Translation: Chocked to discover the identity of the Canarinho Pistola (Brazil’s official mascot). This is why they guy is a psychopath.

So who is this mysterious Brazilian fan? Well, for one thing…he’s not a Brazilian.

Meet Russian aerospace technician Yury Torskiy.

The discovery of the nationality of the most famous fan in this world cup has not dampened the Brazilian’s enthusiasm for him. If anything, it has even increased.

He has been interviewed by Brazilian TV…

Posed with Brazil’s official mascot

Translation: Today Brazil plays, and I’ll tell you one thing, now the sixth (championship) will come.

And is even seen as somewhat of a good-luck charm for the team.

Translation: Fear of Belgium, not a bit. Not now LOL. The forces of the shadows and of hate are with Brazil.

Translation: Hello, Belgium. So what do you think? What will Brazil’s score be today?



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