Brazilians React to Yesterday’s 2-1 Loss to Belgium

If you were around any Brazilians yesterday, you can probably identify with the woman making the video. If you are a Brazilian, you can identify with Dennis.

To say that Brazilians were disappointed in the results of yesterday’s game is to put it mildly.

Translation: I trusted, I gave in, and soon my heart was hurt (lyrics of a popular Brazilian song)

Translation: Goodbye, sixth championship!

Some tried to find the silver lining:

Translation: Let’s look at the positive side: it was just 2×1. We know it could have been worse.

Then, of course, there is the blame game.

Translation: Out with Tite and take Neymar too. I’ll give them free tickets.

Translation: Does anybody know the address of the ref for the Brazil x Belgium game? Just curious, that’s all…

Translation: Belgium bought this game.

Even the Mysterious Fan chimed in:

Speaking of the Mysterious Fan, this tweeter things he has found him in a Simpsons episode. And…I mean…why not?

But many, many people saw this as an opportunity to get back to talking about what is really important for the country.

Translation: We go back to talking about the Car Wash (corruption investigation), right?

Translation of cartoon: It’s time to get back to reality.

But, as we have mentioned before, Brazilians have a unique ability to find comedy in even the most tragic of situations.

And of course, there have been memes.

Translation: Quick everybody…we need to go get Neymar!


Translation: Those great Belgian players


Translation: There goes that day off we would have had on Tuesday

And with this we here at Best of Brazil Blog close out our World Cup 2018 reporting…unless something else happens on Brazilian social media. In which case, you will be able to read about it here.


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