Brazilian Election Watch: Lula Is Free! Wait…Scratch That…He’s Back in Jail…No…He’s Free…Nope…Jailed again.

On Sunday a substitute judge tried to use his temporary powers to free former president Luís Inácio Lula da Silva from jail. When he heard of this, the judge who originally sentenced Lula to prison, came back from vacation to re-sentence Lula to prison. After a dramatic back-and-forth, Lula spent yet another night in jail.

Brazilians, as is their wont, took to social media to opine.

Translation of the meme: Free Lula, arrest Lula, free Lula, arrest Lula…

The caption in the above tweet is a reference to this scene from the movie Karate Kid…

Tranlation: Lula free, Lula in jail, Lula free, Lula in jail…It’s just like the movie Karate Kid, “Jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off”

Translation: I wish a beautiful vacation week for you. Take Jesus with you wherever you go. And for the people who were celebrating #FreeLula…be content with #JailedLula.

Translation: #FreeLula x #JailedLula repeat!

Translation: The justice department deciding about Lula’s arrest.

Many expressed their support for Sérgio Moro, the judge has now put Lula behind bars twice.

The meme reads Moro, Brazil is with you. The tweeter captioned A moral (play on words with the name Moro) revolution in Brazil

The idea that all Brazil is behind Judge Moro is…naive, to put it mildly.

Translation of the meme: Who is behind the conviction of Lula.

This is a big deal, because if he is ultimately freed, Lula immediately becomes one of the front runners in the October presidential elections.

And because of this, there is at least one guy who will be very happy to see Lula remain in jail.


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