Brazilian Election Watch: Jair Bolsonaro Grilled by Media, Responds in Kind

The massive corruption and bad policy over the years has made many Brazilians look for someone unorthodox, perhaps along the lines of Donald Trump, to come and set things right.

Enter Jair Bolsonaro. We have featured this meteoric figure in Brazilian politics previously. His star has only continued to rise since then, despite (or perhaps because of) massive opposition to him on the part of the media and political elites (sound familiar?).

This opposition was on full display last week as he sat down to be interviewed on a show called “Roda Viva”. There he was grilled by several reporters who were obviously intent on taking him down. Bolsonaro did not disappoint, coming out with several of his classic one-liners. The following video compiles some of the best ones, with each one followed by the slogan for the Brazilian knife company Tramontina (the idea is that Bolsonaro “cut” his opponents with his remarks). A translation of each segment is below the video:

First segment

Reporter: (brings up a quote from Bolsonaro’s past in which he cast aspersions on the democratic process) Do you consider yourself a democrat?

Bolsonaro: Yes. It was twenty years ago that I said that. Don’t we evolve?

Second segment

Reporters: (crosstalk, insinuating that Bolsonaro’s aggressive plan to fight crime in Rio is going to cause lots of killing)

Bolsonaro: No, you don’t have to kill him (the criminal). You can let him shoot you, then give him a flower. Ok? Problem solved.

Third segment

Bolsonaro: (answering a question about Brazil’s receiving of refugees) In your house, you don’t let just anybody enter, why do we have to let everybody come into our house, that is Brazil?

What did Brazilians think of the interview? Well…

Some where quick to point out the obvious bias on the part of the journalists present…

…and how their attitude just may be counterproductive.

Translation: Summary of Bolsonaro on the Roda Viva program: the media, which hates him, will elect him. They learned nothing from Donald Trump.

Others just pointed out to how ridiculous the line of questioning was.

Translation: Did you know that Jesus Christ was a refugee? Did you know that Hitler also used guns? Did you know that Judas was also right-handed? Did you know that Stalin has the letter N in his name just like you? The level reached was the most decadent possible, what a shame for the media.

Of course, not everybody was a fan…

Translation: About the interview with Bolsonaro on Roda Viva: Bolsonaro is homophobic. Bolsonaro does not have the capacity to give meaning to any phrase he speaks. Bolsonaro does not honor the Brazilians, his electors, or his uniform. Bolsonaro is shamefully unprepared.



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