Brazilian Election Watch: Bolsonaro, the “Brazilian Trump” on Violence in Brazil vs in the United States

On Saturday we featured one hilarious (and somewhat awkward) moment from the recent interview with Jair Bolsonaro, who styles himself as Brazil’s Donald Trump. But that was not the only snappy retort from the candidate…not by a long shot.

Here’s another one.

Interviewer – Do you continue thinking that letting everybody arm themselves is a solution (to Brazil’s rampant violence)?

Jair Bolsonaro – First, if weapons caused an explosion of violence, the United States would be the most violent country in the world. I want…

Interviewer – (interrupting) But the United States is an extremely violent country. It’s the country that has the most people in prison

Jair Bolsonaro – I want…(chuckle)…I wish that the violence that exists in the United States would come here.

Note: The Best of Brazil Blog takes no official position on the outcome of the Brazilian elections.


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