Musical Interlude: Marisa Monte Sings “Carinhoso” by Pixinguinha

We here at Best of Brazil Blog are big fans of Brazilian singer Marisa Monte, and Brazilian sax man and composer Pixinguinha. So Marisa Monte singing a Pixinguinha tune is kind of like the perfect storm.

Translation of the lyrics:

My heart,

I don’t know why,
Beats happily when it sees you.
And my eyes keep smiling
And through the streets (they) follow you.
But still you run off from me.
Ah, if you (only) knew
How much tenderly loving1 I am,
And how much I desire you,
And how sincere my love is.
I know you would no longer run off from me.
Come, come, come, come
Come and feel the warmth of my lips
In search of yours.
Come and sate this passion
That devours my heart.
And just so, I will then be happy,
Very happy.


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