Brazilian Election Watch: The Strange Epidemic of the Unhinged Teachers

The left is losing its death grip on the hearts and minds of the population of Latin America, and is none too happy about it.

Case in point, this teacher who recently kicked a student from his class. The student’s crime? Speaking out in favor of Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Not only does this guy kick a student out of class for his political beliefs, he also takes the time to criticize his “vagabond pastor”.  Leftists in Brazil have tried long and hard to hide their natural anti-Christian bias…but the mask is starting to slip.

But this is an isolated incident, right?

Wrong. Here’s another one, with a teacher who is even more unhinged.

This rather…um…emotional teacher excoriates a student for daring to express support for Bolsonaro, saying things like “I fought hard for democracy in this country” and “Do you want to be dominated? Is that what you want?”

In all fairness, self-awareness has never been one of the left’s strong suits.

But the grand prize for leftist teachers gone wild is this teacher, who was triggered by a student who wore a Bolsonaro shirt:

Translation: You have to learn to respect others. Respect others. Respect others. Get this s••• out of here. Learn to respect others. Get out of here.

Once again, the self-awareness…it burns. Also, did you catch the fact that it is a white teacher harassing a black student and kicking her out of class? All because Bolsonaro is racist…or something.

One thing is for sure, these videos make for free campaign material for Bolsonaro.


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