Brazilian Election Watch: The Leftist Rally that Wasn’t

The following video has been making the rounds on Brazilian media. Those who post it claim that it is a rally in favor of imprisoned former president Luís Inácio “Lula” da Silva.

Were that the case, it would serve as powerful counter-propaganda to the many videos featuring right-wing candidate Jaír Bolsonaro being mobbed by supporters in airports, on streets, and wherever else he happens to be.

Only one problem – this is not a “Free Lula” rally. In fact, it’s not even in Brazil. It’s a folk celebration in Spain, as can be seen by this video.

Some of the comments under the post were just brutal.


Translation: God is watching you embarrass yourselves

Facebook 4.jpg

Translation: Man, I have never been this embarrassed for anther person.


Translation: What, they’ve learned to speak Spanish now?


Translation: One more farce from the leftists. This is a festival in Spain.

To follow our continuing coverage of the 2018 Brazilian elections, click here.


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