Brazilian Election Watch: Miriam Leitão Has Some Theology for Us. No…Really.

Remember Miriam Leitão? Well, not to be outdone by embarrassing herself in the world of journalism, she has decided to do so in the world of theology was well.

Translation: To use Christ to justify the proposal to arm the Brazilian population is to subvert his pacifist message.

What follows is an article excoriating presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro for his anti-gun-control platform.

Many of the people who responded to Ms. Leitão’s tweet were, shall we say, less than impressed with her skills as a theologian.

Translation (bottom tweet): I think that Miriam read in the Bible that David killed Goliath with a white flower LOL.

Translation: It won’t be by manipulating the Christians that you are going to defeat Bolsonaro. We already have God in our hearts. Know that the ones who need God are the murderers, rapists, and thieves. Your text should be directed at those people, opening their heart to accept Christ.

Translation: If the thief is found stealing, and is wounded, and dies, he that wounded him shall not be guilty of blood. Exodus 22:2

Translation: Is this text yours, or Roberto Marinho’s?

Ok…that was funny. (see here for context)

Translation: Communists only use Christ when it reinforces their militant argument.

Yeah, we’ve noticed that, too.



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