Brazilian Election Watch: Bolsonaro (the “Brazilian Trump”) Takes it to the Media. Again.

So last night the polemic and always entertaining Jair Bolsonaro faced off with journalists William Bonner and Renata Vasconcellos. As is their custom, the journalists went in with an axe to grind, determined to take down “the legend”. And as is his custom, “the legend” stymied them at every turn.

For example, there was this moment, when Bolsonaro made the interviewers plead with him not to show a sex-ed book on TV that is being promoted in Brazilian schools.

At one point Renata mentions “the kids”, and Bolsonaro says “but this is being shown in schools!” Thus he got the jornalists of the Rede Globo, which consistently promotes LGBT causes, to admit that this material is inappropriate for minors.


Another great moment came when the discussion turned to equality of pay for men and women. Bolsonaro points out that Bonner makes a lot more than Renata. At which point Renata tries to give him a civics lesson, saying that she pays his salary.

Bolsonaro replies with a reminder that the company she works for receives federal funds.

At one point Bonner got so mixed up he said “But we are in 2021”.

Which is especially funny since the graphic behind him reads 2018.

This, of course, made Brazilian Twitter erupt with mockery.

Translation: – Bonner: “We are in 2021” -Me “$#!* How long have I been asleep!?”

Translation: Journalist so disoriented that he things he’s in 2021.

Translation: It’s already 2021, how long have I been on Twitter?

Translation: Since Bonner is in 2021…he could tell us who wins the election and end this nonsense right away.

And of course there had to be a Back to the Future meme…

Translation: Bonner: We are in 2021, candidate! Me:

How did Bolsonaro’s performance resonate with his supporters? In the video below you can hear the cheers echoing from apartment building to apartment building.

And it’s not even September yet! The weeks between now the election are going to get very interesting. Be sure to stay tuned here for our ongoing English-language coverage of Brazil’s 2018 presidential campaign.


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