Brazil News and Views: Brazilian Woman Chases Down Muggers in Her Car – Twitter Reacts

A woman near the city of Cuiabá had clearly had enough of the violence that is engulfing Brazil. After being robbed at gunpoint, she took off after the thieves in her car, running them over and leaving them with several injuries.

When the news was reported on Twitter, the reaction of Brazilians was overwhelmingly positive.

Translation of headline: Upset at being robbed, woman chases and runs over pair of muggers.

Some of the replies…

Translation: Very good, courageous woman.

Translation: Goal, Brasil!

There was also a fair amount of sarcasm…

Translation: We need to start talking about car-control.

Translation: Don’t show this to the leftists, they’ll want to prohibit drivers licenses.

Translation: Her poor car…

Translation: Fewer cars, more books!

Translation: Oh my, what a violent woman. The couple brought her an opportunity to rethink her attachment to material things, left her alive to be able to do this here on this plane, and this is how she responds? With violence? The one who is right is (presidential candidate) Daciolo! What Brazil lacks is love.

At least we THINK this is sarcasm…

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