Friday Instagram Roundup: A Little Sand, a Little Sun, a Lot of Rio

Lots of great pictures from Brazil on Instagram this week.

It’s a great picture, but timing is key.

Urban sprawl can be beautiful.

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#riodejaneiro #Brazil #favelas 🇧🇷

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…but not nearly as contemplative as nature.

Watch this…

Don’t look down!

Sunset Boulevard…

I’m packing my bags right now.

We’re not quite sure what is happening here…but it is a cool picture.

An iconic image.

Cool perspective.

An even cooler perspective.

A little more charming urban sprawl.

Falling waters.

A tree-mendous view.

Architecture from back when beauty mattered.

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And finally, another shot of the extremely photogenic Rio de Janeiro.

Be sure to tune in next week for our next Friday Instagram Roundup.


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