Brazilian Election Watch: Marina Silva Wants Brazilians to Not Have the Responsibility of Protecting Their Families…or Something

So yesterday perennial leftist presidential candidate Marina Silva had this to say on Twitter:

Translation: This talk about solving the public security problem by arming the population is an illusion. They are saying “you’re on your own”. Imagine yourself, Brazilian citizen, who pays taxes and has a hard life, on top of that being responsible to protect your family?

As it turns out, many Brazilian citizens are imagining just that.

Translation: Imagine how absurd it is to what to protect my family? What’s really great is calling the police and waiting 30 minutes or more for them to arrive, and praying that the thief just takes my things and leaves us alive.

Translation: What’s really great is handing over your keys, your wallet, your cell phone, your car. Do the politicians live like this?

The attached video pretty much speaks for itself.

Translation: Who said anything about solving the security problem? This is about giving the right to self defense to the common citizen, like you had when you used a shotgun to defend yourself on the rubber farm, and like you have today with your armed security. This should not be the privilege of just one caste.

This last person is referring to a well-known story of how Marina Silva once defended herself using a shotgun when she was a girl on the family farm. (link in Portuguese).

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