Brazil News and Views: Ex-President Dilma Rousseff Tries to Politicize the Museum Fire…It Backfires

In stead of simply expressing her sorrow with the rest of her countrymen (and countrywomen) over the loss of the National Museum in a fire last night, impeached president Dilma Rousseff took to Twitter to point her finger at her political opponents.

Translation: The fire at the National Museum is a picture of the carelessness and lack of investment of (current President) Temer, Meirelles, and the PSDB. The coup is trying to transform our history into fallow ground. The will not succeed.

Translation: With all due respect, ex-president, are you not to blame as well?


Survey says….yes. Yes she is.

Image: Headlines showing budget cuts to the museum during Dilma’s administration.


Translation: Cuts that would not have been necessary had you not run Brazil into bankruptcy. Opportunist.

Translation: What, aren’t you going to mention when the museum was closed during your administration? This is what’s wrong, you always put the blame on other people, and we citizens are the ones who suffer.

Follow our ongoing coverage of the National Museum fire here, and keep up to date with Brazilian current events here.


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