Brazil News and Views: Brazilians React to the Destruction of the National Museum

The fire at the Museu Nacional in Rio has generated an outpouring of shock, sadness, and outrage among Brazilians on social media.

Marisa Monte is a singer who we have featured here before.

Translation: Yesterday, looking at the scene of the fire, I felt like we were the ones on fire. It is very sad that we have lost, in such a devastating way, a part of our past.

The date of the fire was sadly significant as well…

In fact, his whole thread is very informative:

Translation: Our past, our history, died last night. It was cremated by the authorities, by the disinterest of all, by procrastination. It was not the National Museum that went up in flames, it was the history of Brazil.

Translation: The 2nd of September will go down in the history of Brazil, that is, if that history is not completely burned up.

Translation: A Brazil without a future and without a past.

Translation: Scene from right now at the gates of the Quinta. Hundreds of young people crying over the loss of the National Museum. Sad.

And in the outrage department…

Image Translation: What’s ironic is that the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro got a lot of cash from the BNDS (government-run bank) in June to restore the museum. Now ask the University where all that money went. Go ahead, ask!

Tweet Translation: I would like to know what happened to the public money injected into a public museum with a public administration.

You can follow our continuing coverage of the Museu Nacional fire here.

And click here for other current events in Brazil.


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