Twitter Tuesday: Clumsy Criminals, Neymar’s New Friend, the Museu Nacional, and More…

Translation of headline: Thief dies after falling from an apartment in the north zone of Porto Alegre

Translation of tweet: At least the laws of Newton still work in this country.

In one of the more tender moments of this year’s hotly disputed presidential campaign, left-of-center (by a long shot) candidate Marina Silva tweeted out a heart-warming picture taken with her sisters.

Translation: These are my sisters. We look so much alike people joke that we could be five Marinas on the campaign trail.

Of course, people had to have some fun with that…

Translation: I’ve seen this scene before…Oh yes, now I remember!

Speaking of heart-warming…

And in the BFF department…

Could this be true?

We tried it on several different platforms, and did not get the same results. We asked our Brazilian friends to try it, also with negative results. We call Fake News…but then again, this guy works for InfoWars…so…

Meanwhile, this gives us some reason for concern…

Tip of the day: When you’re on TV, make sure the camera is off before you get up and leave…

An interesting observation in the wake of the fire that destroyed the Museu Nacional last Sunday:

Translation: The last president to visit the National Museum was Juscelino Kubitschek (adm. 1956-1961). More than half a century in which no president has had the curiosity to contemplate the history of the people he leads. This defines who we are.


Translation: This photo shows JK at the National Museum. According to the director of the institution, it was the last visit by a president. SIXTY years ago!

This week, however, there has been no shortage of politicians trying to capitalize on the tragedy. Presidential candidate Álvaro Dias made his way to the ruins of the Museu Nacional for a photo op, only to hear cries of  “Bolsonaro!”

These guys must understand by now that something big is afoot.

To finish out today’s Twitter Tuesday, here’s a comic strip from famous Brazilian cartoonist Maurício de Sousa, which proves that corny jokes transcend national boundaries.

Panel 1: Chico – “Teacher, would you yell at me for something I didn’t do?”

Panel 2: Teacher – “That would be unfair!” Chico – “That’s great.”

Panel 3: Chico – “Because I didn’t do my homework!”

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