Brazil News and Views: Imprisoned Ex-President Lula Gets A Tweet of Solidarity From A Fellow Freedom Fighter

And by “fellow freedom fighter” of course we mean crazy ex-dictator of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Yep, Mr. Throw-People-Who-Disagree-With-You-In-Jail himself.

Brazilians were, by and large, less than impressed.

Translation: This genius thinks we speak Spanish…

Yes, Mr. Former-Dictator-of-One-of-the-Least-Fee-Countries-of-the-World, that is senhor, not señor. Get it right.

Translation: What’s worse, he thinks Lula is innocent.

Ok…that right there is just provocation.

Translation: Criminals always protect each other. It’s a rule of organized crime.

Translation: Wow…now that Amadinejad has spoken, that changes everything for me!

We think we detect a little sarcasm there…

Translation: A terrorist dictator speaking of liberty and defending a corrupt criminal.

That sums it up pretty well…

Translation: First we are going to block that money that is going from the BNDES to Iran. Second, Lula is a thief, just like you are a terrorist hijacker.

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