Brazil News and Views: Reactions to the Attempt on Jair Bolsonaro’s Life

Needless to say, the news of the stabbing of Jair Bolsonaro while he was on a campaign stop this afternoon has dominated Brazilian social media.

And not just in cyberspace. This was the scene outside the hospital as Bolsonaro was being operated on.














































Translation: Multitude gathers in support of Bolsonaro outside the hospital.

The news magazine ISTOÉ, which has been decidedly anti-Bolsonaro, has wasted no time getting it’s next edition out.




















Translation of headline: Not like this!

Meanwhile, the O Globo newspaper reports on the activities of the other candidates.


















Translation: Candidates cancel their campaign schedules in solidarity with Bolsonaro.

Yeah…some of the advertisements they had running would be…well…awkward now.















Translation: (Presidential candidate) Alckmin will yank from the next programs any attacks on Bolsonaro.

He also tweeted…














Translation: Politics is carried out with dialogue and persuasion, never with hate. Any act of violence is deplorable. We hope that the investigation into the attack on Representative Jair Bolsonaro will be quick and the punishment, exemplary.

And also…












Translation: We hope that the candidate recovers quickly.

Presidential candidate Ciro Gomes released this statement:










Translation: I was just informed, in Caruaru, Pernambuco, where I am, that Representative Jair Bolsonaro suffered a stab wound. I repudiate violence as a political language, stand by my opponent, and demand that the authorities identify and punish the one or ones responsible for this barbarous act.

Mariana Silva…








Translation: Violence against the candidate Jair Bolsonaro is inadmissible and represents a dual attack: one against his physical integrity and one against democracy.

She continues…





Translation: In this difficult moment that our country is experiencing, it is necessary to rigorously fight for the defense of human life and for the defense of the democratic and institutional life of our country. This attack should be investigated and punished to the full extent of the law.

Even Fernando Haddad, the PT candidate in place of an imprisoned Lula, offered kind words.



Translation: I repudiate any act of violence and desire a quick recovery for Jair Bolsonaro.

Meanwhile, Brazil is on alert…


Translation: High Command of the Army meets, the attack on Bolsonaro is part of the agenda.




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