Breaking: Jair Bolsonaro in Critical Condition After Stabbing!

Flávio Bolsonaro, son of the candidate, tweeted this not long ago…

Translation: Unfortunately it was more serious than we had hoped. The puncture reached part of his liver, his lung, and the loop of the intestine. He lost a lot of blood, and arrived at the hospital with a pressure of 10/3, almost dead… His status now appears to have stabilized. Pray, please!

Twitter is alive with manifestations of support.

Translation: Folks, this is it. HIS CONDITION IS CRITICAL. Please, if you believe in something, this is the time to pray to God.

Translation of the graphic: Stay strong, Captian! Your Brazil is with you!

Translation: Stay strong, Bolsonaro!

Stay tuned to the Best of Brazil Blog as we keep you updated on this situation.


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