Update: Jair Bolsonaro Stabilized, Could Be In for Long Recovery

Various reports, some conflicting, are being published re the recovery of Jair Bolsonaro, stabbed this afternoon as he was at a campaign stop in Minas Gerais.

Translation: Bolsonaro is in the ICU, possibly released in 8 to 10 days. His condition is serious, however, doctors affirm that he is stable. This is a time for many prayers and much unity, people!

Another, in English, with more detail.

From the Folha de São Paulo newspaper:

Translation: Bolsonaro is still at risk, but his chances of recuperation are very good, says doctor.

And what about recovery?

Translation: Complex, the surgery Bolsonaro underwent may remove him from the campaign for the first round.

Some more detail:

Translation: Bolsonaro’s recovery, unfortunately, could be long. There is a risk of mesenteric thrombosis, a very high risk of peritonitis infection from feces. Bolsonaro suffered a fecal peritonitis, which is to say, the contents of his intestines went into his abdominal cavity. Doctors have discarded the idea of a pouch, for now.

Meanwhile, a new video has surfaces, showing the stabbing at very close range.



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