Bolsonaro Update: Stabbed Candidate Regains Consciousness, Leaves Message for Brazil (video)

Sometime after midnight, Flávio Bolsonaro posted this tweet, showing his father, popular presidential candidate Jaír Bolsonaro, who has stabbed yesterday during a campaign event, conscious and giving a thumbs-up.

Translation: Jair Bolsonaro is stronger than ever and ready to be elected president of Brazil in the first round! God has just given us one more sign that good will win over evil! Thanks to all who have given us strength in this difficult moment. Brazil above all, God above everyone!

Shortly thereafter, the candidate himself recorded a video.

In the video he thanks God, the doctors and nurses. He relates his own experience of the attack (“something like a hit from a soccer ball”). He laments that he will not be able to attend a celebration of Brazil’s independence day (today). He states that everybody has a mission here on earth, and that he will fulfill his mission. He says he was surprised that a human could be so evil, and that he never did any harm to anybody. He expresses how important his family is to him at this time, and thanks specific members of his family. He ends with “thank you Brazil, we’re in this together!”

The latest news is that he will be transferred to a hospital in São Paulo.

Translation: My father had a good night last night, his situation is stabilized, and he will now be transferred to the Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital.

See our complete coverage of this event here.


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