Weekend Headline Roundup: National Museum Update, Bike-sharing Woes, and More

Here are some of the other things that have happened in Brazil during the past week. For continuing updates on the attack on Jair Bolsonaro, see here.

National Geographic wants to help with the reconstruction of the National Museum

For our full coverage of the National Museum disaster, see here.

Bullet Points

  • Director laments the destruction of the Museum
  • Will help with finances, and by putting it’s collection at the disposal of the Brazilian government

Overcoming vandalism is a test for bike-sharing startups

Bullet points:

  • Educating the consumer is part of the business model.
  • An issue wherever this has been tried, not just Brazil.

Car Wash investigates fraud in the exportation of precious stones

Bullet points:

  • Five arrests made.
  • Not connected to high-level political figures.
  • Precious stones were used as a way to avoid taxes.
  • Emeralds most used.
  • Exported to China and India

See here for background on the Car Wash investigation.

Cancer kills, in Rio, samba artist Wilson Moreira

Bullet Points:

  • He was 81 years old.
  • Many musical successes

At 77 years of age, (current Brazilian president) Michel Temer says he intends to retire after finishing his term, and believes history will recognize his role as a reformer

Bullet Points:

  • Says “I’ve been abused, like nobody else has been.”
  • Refuses to answer question on whether he is afraid to go to jail, because “it constitutes and insult.”
  • Has begun to answer his critics “due to a question of personal honor”.
  • Complains that people began to want to “disgrace his life” after he became president.

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