Bolsonaro Update: “Brazilian Trump” Continues to Recover After Attack

On Saturday, presidential candidate and victim of a stabbing attack Jaír Bolsonaro was moved to a hospital in São Paulo, where he continues to recover.

Bolsonaro’s son, Flávio, posted this picture, showing the politician in his hospital bed, making his trademark “gunfighter” hand symbol.

Translation: My father continues to make progress, and has begun his physical therapy. Thanks to all for the well-wishes and prayers!…

Another video was soon released…we’re not sure by whom, showing the candidate responding to treatment.

Of course, there has been no shortage of conspiracy theories. Some have posited that the whole thing was an act, put on to garner sympathy for the candidate.

To combat this, the family released this photo, showing the aftermath of Bolsonaro’s surgery.

Translation: Allies of Bolsonaro publish photo of the abdominal scar of the candidate in order to refute the accusation of “Fake News”.

That would be quite the “act”, no?

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