Brazil Election Watch: Ciro Gomes Campaigns for Bolsonaro, Just Not On Purpose (video)

Brazilian presidential hopeful Ciro Gomes apprently feels that he has waited long enough to start attacking Bolsonaro after the latter was attacked with a knife last Thursday. Yesterday he came out swinging.

Translation: Ciro on Bolsonaro “He was wounded in the stomach, but that didn’t change anything in his head.”

This affirmation came as good news to Bolsonaro’s supporters.

Translation: Very correct, we need people who have the strength of their convictions, who don’t change according to dark advantages and corrupt winds. Bolsonaro, wounded in the stomach, didn’t change his mind, coronel, and that is what we need.

Translation: How inappropriate.

Translation: Good thing he didn’t change! Brazil over all, God over everyone.

Of course, there is always one in every crowd…

Translation: Maybe if he had been stabbed in the head, the Bozonazi would seem more like a true human being.

Self awareness much?

Translation: Re-read your sentence and rethink whether or not you are a true human being.


Full disclosure: Even we could not resist getting in on this thread…

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Ciro is a little upset at Bolsonaro. After all, this was the reception he got at a restaurant in São Luís not too long ago…

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