Twitter Tuesday: Communist Strawberries, Portuguese Puns, Stoner Dolphins, and More.

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time to explore the best of Brazilian Twitter over the past week.

This video is hard to watch. It was made for the 200th anniversary of the now-burned-out National Museum in Rio, and features employees talking about their work in preserving several priceless artifacts. (h/t David Biller)

Outspoken leftist, radical feminist politician Manuela Davila took time out at a squatters rally to eat some really delicious-looking strawberries.

Translation: Who comes to a sit-in looking for good food? I do!!! Look at the strawberry that was on the table.

Of course, this invited some snark from the right side of the aisle

Translation: Way to make the Venezuelans jealous.

Translation: But meals given to the landless, nobody eats those.

Translation: Just long enough to take a photo and post it, then it’s caviar.

Then there’s this sign in front of the city of Caiuá that unwittingly made a masterful pun.

Without the “a”, it reads “it fell”…which is exactly what the “a” did.

If this next bit of news is true…it’s huge:

Translation: Survey ordered by the PT (leftist Workers Party) in the Federal District shows that half of the voters who live in the northern wing of Brasilia will vote for Jair Bolsonaro.

And this could also be…significant…

Basically, it boils down to this: Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro is running on a pro-gun, pro-self-defense platform. Stocks in the Brazilian gun company Taurus are going up. This could indicate a certain confidence on the part of investors that Bolsonaro will become president of Brazil.

Meanwhile, at the front lines of the war on drugs…

Translation: Today I discovered that dolphins poke puffer fish because they set off a substance that makes the dolphins go crazy. The puffer fish is the dolphin’s “joint”, poor thing.

Seeing as how our HQ is in the state of Maranhão, we are obliged to agree.

Soccer great Pelé with a fun fact…

This is an…interesting bumper sticker. There must be a story behind it…

This is funny… it appears that some Koreans confused the Brazilian hashtag #quintou (“It’s Thursday”) with “Kim to U” and began posting pictures of Kim Jong Un.

This was a cool gesture…

This young harpist recorded a special piece for the hospitalized presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Fittingly, it is the official hymn of the Brazilian army.

Still in the Brazilian Music department, in our last Weekend Headline Roundup we mentioned the passing of musician Wilson Moreira. This guy happened upon his funeral.

And finally, a little something for all you Eric Clapton fans out there…

Him: What’s your name?

Her: Well, my parents were fans of Eric Clapton, so…

Him: Layla?

Her: Cocaine.

And with that we wrap up this week’s Twitter Tuesday. You can see our previous TT posts here.


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