Brazilian Comedian Danilo Gentili Points Out an Irony. Tolerant People Tell Him to Shut Up.

Brazilian comedian, and host of the popular “The Noite” talk show, pointed out an inconsistency among feminists movement during this election cycle:

Translation: Proof that the feminist movement was NEVER about “empowering” women, and just about making then pawns: In stead of supporting Marina Silva – a woman – the are mobilizing for Ciro and Haddad. Why? Because a leftist straight white male ordered them to.

And the feminists on Twitter said “that’s pretty funny, but not really true…let’s talk about it.”

Or not.

ACTUALLY they made up a hashtag: #CalaBocaGentili (#ShutUpGentili) which is currently trending at #1 here in Brazil.

At the risk of being accused of “mansplaining” we will translate some of the tweets here:

Translation: #ShutUpGentili we will decide about feminism!

Translation: “Take care, take care, take care you chauvinist, Latin America will be all feminist!”  #ShutUpGentili (We think this is supposed to rhyme a little…ed)

Translation: Every day a straight male embarrassing himself on the internet. #ShutUpGentili

Meanwhile, Gentili is showing very little inclination to shut up.

Translation: Feminism is voting in whoever you please… (The first image shows a feminist, replying to Gentili’s tweet, saying she can vote in who she wants. The other shows is a screen snap of a feminist degrading another woman for saying she will vote for Bolsonaro)

And it doesn’t seem to be hurting him any…

Translation: “The Noite” reaches a historic level (of viewership) and leads the audience for the 50th straight time in 2018.

Follow our coverage of the 2018 Brazilian elections here.


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