Bolsonaro Recovery Update: The “Brazilian Trump” Records a Video, Walks Around the Hospital, Jokes with Medical Staff

For the first time since he was hospitalized after a stabbing attack a few weeks ago, Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro recorded an extensive video to his supporters.

In the video he thanks his supporters, the hospital that attended him, the police who got him to the hospital. He then asks: “What is in play?” His answer: “It’s a play for power, for the domination of a country.” Then he goes on a riff about the history of Brazil, and strongly insinuates that the PT (Workers Party, the party of imprisoned ex-president Luís Inácio “Lula” da Silva, whom he refers to as “the incarcerated”) was behind the attack. He makes an appeal to journalists to look into what is behind the PT, and the attacks. He then expresses his fear, not of losing in the second round of elections, but of losing by fraud. After thanking the Brazilian military – who he says supports him – he thanks some individuals and closes the video.

At about the same time another video circulated showing him taking some steps, surrounded by hospital staff. In the video he appears cheerful and optimistic.

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