Brazilian Election Watch: Announcement of “Free Lula” Event Is Met With Chants of “Bolsonaro” in Ceará

In the northeastern city of Canindé, an event sponsored by the Catholic Church was just wrapping up. Someone got up to announce an event in favor of imprisoned leftist ex-president Lula. Immediately the crowd breaks out into a chant of “Bolsonaro! Bolsonaro! Bolsonaro!”


Here’s the same event from another perspective. Note that the chant changes from “Bolsonaro” to “Mito”, a reference to the candidates “mythical” performance in this year’s elections.

Things like this have got to be worrying to the leftist candidates who consider the poorer Northeast to be one of their strong areas. And it must be especially terrifying for Ciro Gomes, because this happened in his home state of Ceará.

For our full coverage of the 2018 Brazilian elections, click here.



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