Twitter Tuesday: Enthusiastic Dogs, Being Attacked by Cartoon Characters, Aerobatics, and more…

Whether or not you agree with her politics, this photo of Marina Silva coming home to be greeted by her dogs is just adorbs.

Translation: When I arrive home after a trip, or after stepping out to the bakery, Paçoca and Torrone always give me the best welcome.

From comedian Tom Calvacante comes this clever video editing…

Translation: We always blame the alcohol for knocking us over. Wrong! It is beings from another planet that impede our progress.

Another from Tom…a TV interview gone horribly wrong.

We’re not sure if this next one is an actual quote from former president Dilma Rousseff, but it is certainly something she could have said

Translation: “Bolsonaro might be leading in every state, but he is not leading in the whole country.”

We feel your pain, Brian.

How about we wrap this up with some military tweets.

First, a cool cockpit view from Brazil’s celebrated “Smoke Squadron” aerobatic team.

Translation: …At a height of approximately 2.5 km the airplanes line up to begin writing with smoke…

And finally, this beautiful picture and history lesson from the Brazilian Army:

Translation: Founded in the then Colony of Mato Grosso for the defense of the western frontier, the Coimbra Fort is 243 years old.

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