Musical Interlude: “Seguindo no Trêm Azul” by Roupa Nova

In our Musical Interlude posts up to this point we have focused on the more traditional forms of Brazilian music. However, Brazilian pop music is a force to be reckoned with. And as far as Brazilian pop groups go, at the top of the list for musicality, harmony, and sheer talent is Roupa Nova.

Here they sing one of their hits: “Seguindo no Trêm Azul” (Riding on the Blue Train – don’t ask).

Formed in the 70s, the group has remained the same, without losing any of its members, or gaining any new members. There are two things in the above clip that stand out to this writer: 1) The tight vocal harmony of the group and 2) how Serginho, the drummer, can sing and play at the same time.



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