Breaking! Brazilian Presidential Candidate Bolsonaro Records Video Walking Free of Breathing Apparatus

In a clear sign of progress – as well as a signal of strength to his supporters and detractors, Jair Bolsonaro, who suffered an assassination attempt two weeks ago, today recorded a video of himself walking around the hospital, lightly assisted by one nurse.

Translation: They tried to take us out of the running in a cowardly way, but the effort of each one, even in the most critical of moments, just lifts us up even more. We are demonstrating that it is possible to win without selling our soul, without lies, and that nobody can snuff out. Let’s go forward! Enough of the gangs controlling Brazil!

At the end of the video, as the video pans close to his face, he says “Wait for me! First round, people!” We’re not sure if he’s been reading our stuff, but a first-round win for Bolsonaro is our guess as well.

Check out our continuing coverage of the 2018 Brazilian elections.

And click here for updates on the aftermath of the assassination attempt.


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