Twitter Trends: Brazilians Share Their Defining Memes in “The Meme of my Life” Hashtag

As we have mentioned before, Brazilians are second to none when it comes the production of those funny pictures, videos, and gifs known as “memes”. Right now, the hashtag #OMemeDaMinhaVida (the meme of my life) is trending on Twitter, and it’s glorioius.

Translation: Me watching people embarrass themselves on the internet.

The glass reads “Things I know will make me sad.”

Translation: How I feel when I leave the beauty salon.

Translation: I love this a lot, and completely understand this little girl.

Translation: The hamburger I would like at this moment.

The meme reads I never thought I’d be a jerk. I was a jerk.

Translation of tweet: Every day this meme repeats itself.

Of course some politicians made their appearance…

Translation: Me every day.

And it wouldn’t be a collection of Brazilian meme’s if it didn’t include Neymar falling.

Translation: The inspiration to always stay on my feet.

And Neymar is not the only soccer player on the field…

Translation: Me, “dribbling” my problems…

Translation: There are people who just want to see the circus burn…I am one of those people.

Translation: Go ahead, it’s safe.

Translation: When I step on the scales every Monday.

Brazilians have made good use of the “jilted girlfriend” meme:

From left to right: Twitter, Me, Things to Do

From left to right: Characters in a TV series, Me, Real People

From left to right: Sandals, Sneakers

If you ask what our favorite is, however, we would have to say it is this one:

Translation: Me trying to do something.

Want some more laughs? Check out our extensive collection of funny videos from Brazil.


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