Brazilian Election Watch: Getting to Know the Brazilian Presidential Candidates by Identifying Their “Spirit Rapper”

Let’s face it…for the outsider, the Brazilian election scene can be confusing. So many candidates, so many political parties…it’s just hard to keep them all straight. Like someone (we’re not sure who) once famously said, “Brazil is not for beginners”.

Enter Twitter user @gabri_ElSoriano with an ingenious way for newcomers to remember who’s who in the current world of Brazilian politics. He has given us this handy list matching each candidate with their “spirit rapper”. So if you are familiar with the American rap scene, you should have no trouble getting to know the Brazilian candidates. His thread is in Portuguese, but we found it so helpful that we have translated it here, as a public service


We start off with former president Lula, who is not a candidate, but who would desperately like to be.

Translation: Lula is 2pac – The one with the greatest legacy, but left the scene very early. He hooked up with a bad crowd and got screwed. We know that he can’t, but everybody wishes he could come back.

Next, Haddad, Lula’s appointed successor.

Translate: Haddad is Jay-Z – We think he’s cool, but way down deep we prefer the woman who accompanies him.

This is a reference to his running mate, Manuela.

Then of course there’s Bolsonaro…

Translation: “Bozaro” is DMX – The crazy homophobe and misogynist that’s always ticked off. He’s the man of the hour, but fifteen minutes from now nobody will even remember him.

We’re not at all sure about that prediction…but time will tell.

Let’s talk about Ciro Gomes…

Translation: Ciro is Snoop Dogg – He’s from way back, and of the people. He had a bromance with 2pac, but made better choices and is still here today. He even had a little dance that became a meme.

Now we get into the lower tier of candidates, beginning with Boulos

Translation: Boulos is Childish Gambino – new on the scene, somewhat inexperienced compared to the others, but when he opens his mouth and argues, everybody agrees.

Now Alckmin…can there possible be a rapper to compare with him? Yes…yes there can.

Translation: Alckmin is Xxxtentacion – He talks calm, but in real life he’s the most violent and psychopathic one at the party.


Translation: Meirelles is Suge Knight – completely evil, always behind the scenes, no charisma and the most suspect companion of our hero 2pac.

And Marina

Translation: Marina is Fresh Prince – the hardest working, and the most humble. We actually like him, even though we’re embarrassed to admit it, but we know that he’s too soft to directly respond to a diss track.

And then there’s former firefighter Daciolo.

Translation: Daciolo is Kanye – He’s the guy that is 90% unbalanced but that 10% is misunderstood genius.

Having followed this election from the beginning we have to say, the above comparison is spot on, perhaps the best in the whole group.

But there’s one more… Amoedo

Translation: Amoedo is Post Malone – the only way you can be a fan is if you’re very white.

So there you have it. Now you, too, can be an expert in Brazilian politics!

Another way to be an expert in Brazilian politics is to follow our continuing coverage of events!


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