Twitter Tuesday: Using your Head, Jesus Pizza, Improvised Roller Coaster, and more…

Time for another Twitter Tuesday, with the best tweets culled from the Brazilian internet since last week.

To start, this great video from one of our personal favorites, Tom Cavalcante:

Translation: Don’t make hasty decisions, use your head.

Let’s take these proceedings up a couple levels with this profundity from Brazilian philosopher Luiz Felipe Pondé:

Translation: In our times, lies have turned into the currency of exchange in the market of public thought. Pleasing others is a measure of value. I don’t play this game.

From the Brazilian Air Force comes this set of pictures that will have you seeing double.

Translation: Can you tell the difference??? On the left, the then-Lieutenant Aviator Xavier in 1988. On the right, Lieutenant Aviator Xavier in 2017. They look like the same person, right? Father and son, motivated by the dream of aviation.

This next one’s been going around for a while, but we have not shared it here.

Translation: When the question comes with the answer.

The sign on the window reads “If God is for us, who will be against us”, followed immediately by the “answer” – Bolsonaro.

Speaking of strange signs with a religious bent, this next one should win a prize:

We really have no explanation for this.

Now, here’s a…erm…novel idea…

The sign, which we think means to urge people to vote “nulo” or, leave the ballot blank, is actually encouraging people to vote “nu”, or naked. If there’s one thing that could make us stay home on election day…

And speaking of staying home…when the dollar is so high, many Brazilians look for creative alternatives to expensive trips to Disney. Like, for example…

Let’s finish things up with this beautiful picture and factoid from the Brazilian tourism agency:

Every week, on Tuesday, we bring you the best Brazilian Twitter has to offer. Check out our previous Twitter Tuesday posts here.


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