Opinion: Why Jair Bolsonaro Appeals to So Many Brazilians

On Wednesday we posted about foreign celebrities who have weighed in on the Brazilian election, against Jair Bolsonaro.

Here again is a video recorded by British comedian Stephen Fry:

If you watch the video, you see “someone who loves the country and has visited it many times” asking Brazilians to “reflect on what it means to be Brazilian”. He cannot seem to wrap his head around how Brazilians can vote for a “scary” individual like Jaír Bolsonaro.

To try to help Mr. Fry and others explain this phenomenon, we posted the following thread on Twitter.

Around the time we posted this, another foreigner, a journalist working here in Brazil, published this thread, which is insightful:

A few days ago we tentatively predicted a first round victory for Bolsonaro. Our belief that this will happen has only grown stronger.

Follow our continuing coverage of the Brazilian elections here.


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