Weekend Headline Roundup: Office Fire, School Shooting, Volleyball Victory, and more…

Here are what has been making news in Brazil this week, besides the elections.

Fire Leads to Building Collapse in São Paulo

Bullet points:

  • Around 30 fire vehicles responded to the blaze.
  • One person rescued with light injuries.
  • Causes still undetermined.

Exposition showcases art from painters who paint with their mouths and feet

Bullet points

  •  Video included
  • People with disabilities painting beautiful pictures.

(Brazilian President) Temer gives in to pressure from Coca Cola and restores fiscal benefit

Bullet points

  • The President backed out on a plan to change the way taxes were collected.
  • Coca Cola and Ambev would have been the two companies most affected.
  • Rumors that Coca Cola had threatened to leave the country if the new system was put in place. Coca Cola denies the rumors.

World Volleyball Competition: Brazil beats the USA and advances to first place

Video: student shoots and wounds classmates at a school in Paraná

Bullet points

  • Shooter is a male student, fifteen years old.
  • Possibly another student involved in the attack.
  • No fatalities

Caixa Econômica and Bank of Brazil cut 21.2 thousand jobs in two years

Bullet points

  • An effort on the part of government banks to reduce costs and be more like private banks.
  • According to the banks, measures are “a reaction to changes in the sector.

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