Brazilian Election Watch: A Weekend of Demonstrations and Dueling Hashtags

We have written before about the massive demonstrations that have taken place all over Brazil in support of right wing candidate – sometimes called the Brazilian Donald Trump – Jaír Bolsonaro.

On Saturday it was the turn of those who are against him. Displaying the hashtag #elenao (not him), multitudes took the streets in various Brazilian cities.

There were protests in smaller communities as well.

Many celebrities threw in with the cause.

There were even manifestations in cities worldwide.



New York

There were even protests in virtual worlds…

These protests were obviously well-coordinated, and well funded. There were smatterings of protests on Saturday in favor of Bolsonaro. However, the real response came on Sunday. Brazil erupted in pro-Bolsonaro events.

And the above is just a smattering of the events that took place in cities and towns all over Brazil. These events were much more spontaneous, and obviously did not count on the funding, or celebrity backing, of the #elenao protests.

The fight on social media was fierce as well. Here are two separate screenshots taken at different times during the day on Saturday. The red indicates leftist, anti-Bolsonaro hashtags, and the green, right-wing pro-Bolsonaro tags.



And then some time later…


The next six days leading up to the first round of elections promise to be very interesting indeed.

To see all of our coverage of the 2018 Brazilian elections, click here.


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