Brazilian Election Watch: Election Day Live Feed

Today is the first round in the Brazilian presidential elections. The candidate that takes over 51% of the vote wins. If none of the candidates gets over 51%, a runoff election between the top two candidates will be held in November.

As of right now, we are standing by our preliminary prediction that Jaír Bolsonaro will win in the first round. We have seen nothing to change that, although perhaps there has been some trending in favor of Ciro Gomes.

We are going to keep this post “live” and post updates as the day progresses.

Google trends over the last seven days give hope to Bolsonaro supporters.

Unable to confirm this, but several people on social media are reporting that the first Brazilians to vote, at a consulate in New Zealand, voted for Jair Bolsonaro.

Of course…fake news abounds…

As we wait for results (polls close at 5pm Brazilian time) here is a very good article that gives some background into what’s happening.

With a police escort, Jair Bolsonaro is on his way to vote.

And he has arrived, and claims to be confident of victory.

Brazilians voting in Shanghai give a first-round victory to Bolsonaro.

Sitting president Michel Temer has voted, and is preaching harmony. “We can’t have Brazilian against Brazilian.”

Ciro Gomes votes…

Says he thinks there’s a chance for an upset…

The question on everybody’s mind:

Translation: Did Cabo Daciolo come down from the mountain to vote?

Results from a voting place for Brazilians in Japan, overwhelmingly for Bolsonaro.

In New Zealand he gets 50%.

Haddad has voted, and says he is confident of moving on to a second round.

Here are the results for all Brazilians living in Japan…

Bolsonaro comes in at slightly over 50% in Taipei, Taiwan.

A voting line in Berlin.

Far-left candidate Boulos votes, asks voters not to “put hate into the ballot box”.

In answer to a previous question…

Translation: Daciolo says that he will await the election results praying on the mountain.

Reports of malfunctioning electronic voting machines.

Conflict among voters in London.

Lines in NY…

Among the voters in NY…a Brazilian motorcycle gang.

If you’re just now discovering the Brazilian elections, this thread provides some essential background:

A little election day humor…

Reports are in from Brazilians voting in Amsterdam. This time it’s Ciro Gomes that’s ahead.

Brazilians voting in Lisbon, Portugal

Small crowd gathers in front of the gated community where Jair Bolsonaro lives. Passing cars honk their horns in support.

The polling places here in Brazil are closing now…so we will close out this thread and await results.



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