Twitter Tuesday: Post Election Fallout (Updated with more tweets)

After Sunday’s first-round elections, Brazilian Twitter exploded with celebration, lamentation, evaluation, and, of course, memes.

The picture below purports to show the states won by the PT (in red) in first-round elections since 2002.

Tranlsation: Brazil is a body that is freeing itself from a general infection.

Indeed, the rural, in many places underdeveloped northeast region pretty much gave Haddad is chance at a second round. This upset many of Bolsonaro’s supporters, and the outrage was so great that Bolsonaro himself took to Twitter.

Translation: Hey gang, stop offending the northeast, let’s bring them over to our side, the people are only being manipulated, let’s help the northeast, let’s win these elections.

Here’s an interesting statistic:

Even Venezuelans thought they could take a dig at the political situation in Brazil.

Translation: Brazil doesn’t know whether to shoot themselves in the right foot or the left.

Personally, we think Venezuela should probably sit this one out.

One question that people have asked a lot in the first weeks is, if Bolsonaro were to win, how would he handle a potentially hostile congress. It would appear that question is moot.

Here’s a graphic that shows how congress will line up. The blue dots are those most ideologically lined up with Bolsonaro. The yellow are “center” representatives, but who will mostly be against the PT. The question at the end is especially pointed.


One of the people who won a seat was this police officer, who made a name for herself by fatally shooting a would-be mugger that tried to attack a group of women and children after a mothers’ day presentation. The whole thing was captured on security camera, and she became a heroine in Brazil. Now she is a congresswoman.

We don’t have an “electoral college” in Brazil, but there is always interest in how the major cities voted. This graph gives that information. Two takeaways: 1) Poor Ciro Gomes. 2) How did Bolsonaro not get 51% of the overall vote?

Some people, less than happy with the results, are circulating this image, based on a recent Banksey prank.

Some are wondering if, in the runoff election, Bolsonaro will turn into a “kinder, gentler” candidate.

Answer from Bolsonaro: Nope.

Leftist candidate Haddad has invited Bolsonaro to sign an “ethics protocol” for the second round.

The irony of the candidate for one of the most corrupt political parties in history calling for an “ethics protocol” was not lost on many.

Translation: To translate: Jair Bolsonaro, let’s make a protocol to not tell the truth, if not my campaign is screwed – Haddad.

Translation: Lula gave this idea, right? They don’t want Bolsonaro to refresh the memory of the Brazilians. So many crimes that the PT committed, nobody know where to start.

Alas, not all the reaction was limited to Twitter.

These next few weeks shape up to be very interesting. As always, we will keep you posted here.

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Here’s an interesting look at what a Bolsonaro administration might look like:

We’re not sure about the bleak, near dystopian analysis of his first point, but there are many good points in this article.

And then there’s this, which probably represents fairly accurately how Bolsonaro’s fans see the current political situation.

Note the imprisoned Lula controlling the red monster Haddad, and the heroic Bolsonaro, complete with wounded midsection.

Looking ahead to how the vote might go in the second round, there is this:


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