Brazilian Election Watch: Wow! Cid Gomes Destroys the PT…AT A PT RALLY!!!

For the uninitiated, the PT is the left-wing Partido dos Trabalhadores (Workers’ Party), whose candidate Fernando Haddad is currently lagging behind right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro in the presidential elections. Despite the fact that most of the candidates from the first round have endorsed Haddad in a last-ditch effort to beat Bolsonaro, latest polls show making no significant gains.

In an effort to show unity among the parties opposed to Bolsonaro, the PT invited Cid Gomes to speak at a rally. A little more background is needed here: Cid Gomes is the brother of Ciro Gomes, who was one of the presidential candidates in the first round of elections. (If all these names confuse you, we published a handy guide a while back.)

Imagine the shock when Ciro took the stage, and instead of pushing the Haddad candidacy, let the PT have it with both barrels.

In the above video, Cid starts out by telling the PT – who have been in power for most of the last two decades – that they need to recognize that they really screwed things up, and for this reason they are going to lose the election. As the audience reacts negatively, he gets more worked up, saying that they are going to lose, lose ugly, and that it will be a good thing. As the audience continues to react he calls them a couple not-so-complimentary names. He tells them they are responsible for the rise of Bolsonaro.

At one point the crowd tries to take up a chant of “Lula” – the beloved former president. Ciro responds with “Lula’s in jail…dumb@#$&”

He also accuses them of thinking they did everything right, and thinking they are the owners of Brazil. Perhaps his most memorable line: “Brazil has no owner, it is a democracy!” That one even elicited some cheers from the stunned audience.

Of course Brazilian Twitter was quick to jump on the rant, with this modification of Haddad’s logo flooding social media:

Translation: Lula’s in jail, dumb@#$&, you’re going to lose.

Not only that, but at the moment of this writing, the hashtag #LulaTaPresoBabaca (Lula’s in jail, dumb@#$&) is the top trending hashtag on Brazilian Twitter.

And it’s brutal.

The guy on the left is Cid Gomes, on the right, Lula.

For our continuing coverage of the 2018 Brazilian elections, click here.


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